Material Matters

A quality piece of furniture is like a piece of jewelry for a room.  When wearing fine jewelry, it’s not about wearing a lot all at once, but what you do wear should elevate everything else.  Like a talisman, it should convey the essence of whatever you seek to express. Like a lens, it should bring everything else into focus.

Our approach to creating fine furniture is focused on honest high-quality materials and time honored methods of craftsmanship.  Still, we are inspired by technology and innovation, by modern shapes and forms, but expressed in a way that is part of history rather than being at odds with it.

So much furniture these days is fabricated to be disposable.  It’s planned obsolescence is a nod to the fast pace of modern life and our fickle tastes and fleeting attention spans.  But by making furniture with intention, with care and by hand from materials that matter, they become functional pieces of art.  

Ian Saude3982 Short Street