“Hand spun natural fibers harmonize with sustainable ecological materials to create rugs that not only feel good but which you can feel good about.”

IS Studio offers a sophisticated collection of handmade contemporary area rugs in rich, natural materials.  Having spent well over a decade living in the Himalayas, Ian’s appreciation for handmade textiles and his knowledge of the extensive design possibilities they can afford, helps insure that we are uniquely positioned to assist you in realizing your own artistic vision by creating heirloom area rugs that will be treasured for years to come. 

Classic high quality fibers, like pure silk, mohair, cashmere, merino and rich Himalayan wools, are paired with natural and sustainable ecological materials like wild nettle, bamboo, flax, banana fiber and others to create rugs that are not only luxurious and comfortable, but which are also functional pieces of art.

Crafted by dedicated artisans using time-honored traditions — the spinning, dying, knotting, weaving and finishing processes for these rugs are performed by hand.  This human element, provides not only an incredible level of control when it comes to creating and customizing designs but also helps provide much needed employment to local weavers, mostly women, and education and opportunity for their children and families.

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