David Limrite


David Limrite uses a static, iconic figure played against aggressive handling of materials to create mysterious and intriguing beings. Using primarily graphite, charcoal, acrylic and collage he creates mysterious and dramatic mixed media figurative work and embraces emotional content to give his work power and intensity.

These figures are, in themselves, symbols with an underlying sense of myth and legend, mystery and folklore. He strives to create images that inspire within us awe and wonder and have the power to fascinate, disturb, and delight. Images are dark and edgy, yet beautiful; conceptual, yet accessible; and iconic, yet mysterious. In his work Limrite is

compelled to access the shadowy side of humanity, because that darkness does not exist in the rest of his life. The somber attitude of his figures makes them more fascinating, real, and relatable.

In Limrite’s work the act of making marks on a surface is a journey filled with exploration and discovery. His process is one of creating and destroying –

searching for the right line, tone, smudge, color and texture to find the balance of dark and light, controlled and spontaneous. Limrite uses recognizable imagery as a vehicle for emotional expression—underscored by his passionate handling of materials. His process of creating marks and broad strokes gives the figures power and intensity. Working this way allows him to provide an open-ended narrative for the viewers to explore their own emotional response within the figure. He uses the power of suggestion in his paintings to depict the figure and thus deepen the mystery.

David Limrite paints and teaches on the Central Coast. He has a BFA from The Art Center College of Design and a BA from San Diego State University.