Ruth Crowe


Artist Ruth Crowe’s degree is in Art Education but she never really wanted to teach in a classroom setting. She abandoned artwork for over 30 years to pursue a life in the US Army, LA police officer, and collegiate softball coach. She finally made her way back to art when she started her own graphic design business. After 11 years she realized that her passion was in making artwork, so she sold her company and began creating artwork on a full time basis.

With a love of vintage photographs and the stories they tell, Crowe finds and manipulates vintage photos to create a new story about the characters. The snapshots of a split second capture their lives forever. The stone faced stares, the cautious smirks, or the joyful laughter that make up daily existence speak more about a person that most words could describe. Crowe embeds graphic images, words and mulitiple photographs to create witty and iconic encaustic artwork. Crowe’s work is a fusion of vintage photography with layers of wax and images on wood panels.

Ruth Crowe lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is happy to create commission work with her photographs or with yours.