Sarah Winkler


Sarah Winkler is a British-born, US-based Painter and Collage Artist working near Denver, Colorado. Winkler studied Studio Art and Earth Science at William Patterson University. She has exhibited her artwork nationally in exhibitions and art fairs, and her work has been placed internationally in private and corporate art collections.

In her artwork, Winkler explores geology as the essence of creation and keeper of combined histories. Her paintings emerge in geological time - in the sense that they are constructed in many sedimentary stages, with multiple media techniques applied in a sequence of experimental applications. The outcome is never certain. She integrates abstract painting, printmaking, photography and digital manipulation techniques to create textural imagery which becomes the components in my fully realized miniature landscape collages. These microhabitats are scaled up into acrylic paintings. The artistic techniques used both in creating collage papers and in applying the paint not only reflects the geological forces of landscape accretion and corrosion but also reenacts them. Winkler often uses crushed minerals embedded into the paint and apply resists of groundwater, wind, friction, and heat to erode the painted surfaces. In each work, she employs a spatial technique in painting called "equivocal space" which alters depth perspective through color, composition and media to keep the eye engaged and journeying around the image. It conveys how we move through actual landscapes.