Thea Schrack


Thea Schrack is a photographer and painter with a penchant for the past. Her photographic forays have taken her to English country estates, Czech castles, vineyards and to the shores of water bodies all over the world in search of places endowed with a sense of beauty and mystery. The pervasive ethereal, somnambulistic effect throughout her work is derived from an amalgamation of her subject choice, film and developing techniques, and how she chooses to print and mount her images.

Schrack's work sometimes combines color photography with layers of encaustic wax and oil paint. For these specific pieces, her photography is mounted on birch panel and then covered with a number of layers of encaustic wax.

Thea Schrack received her B.F.A. in Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute. She was awarded the New Faces Award in fine art photography from American Photographer Magazine upon graduation. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group shows throughout the United States can be found in many distinguished collections. Thea Schrack lives and works in San Francisco.