COMPANY Evolution


    After graduating from college in 1990 and spending a couple years working in the "real world," Ian embarks on a trip to explore Nepal, India and Thailand. His goal is to study Buddhist meditation techniques with several of its greatest living masters. The trip makes a deep and lasting impression on him.

  • Necessity is the mother of invention

    Returning to live in Nepal in late 1993, Ian spends almost 3 years being a "dharma bum," before it's time to get a job again. Impressed with the native Newar handicraft traditions, Ian starts to learn to make jewlery and to explore the other local traditions of arts and crafts. Charging the raw materials on his credit card, his first jewlery collection is born!

  • Saude & Co. is born

    In colaboration with his mother, Regina, and a long time friend, Ian establishes Saude & Co. While still continuing to live and study in Asia, Ian finds representation in New York for his nascent brand, focused on designing and importing handmade jewelry and unique personal accessories for the American market.

  • the Pashmina Craze

    Working with local weavers, Ian helps develop new variations on the classic South Asian cashmere shawl, known as the "pashmina". The market for pashiminas blows up and becomes a world-wide sensation, creating considerable interest from top European brands for cashmere from Nepal. While continuing to work on his own collections , Ian does private-label development and design for a number of European fashion houses, focusing on cashmere handlooms and embroideries.

  • Shifting Gears

    After almost a decade of working and living through Nepal's brutal civil war, Ian begins working on a new fashion forward jewelry collection that will eventually take him back to the United States. Relinquishing his long time home there, Ian begins to shift production beyond Nepal, splitting his time between exploring other parts of Southesat Asia and relocating to California .

IS Ad Campaign
  • Becomming Ian Saude: IS

    Back in California, Ian launches his new brand — IAN SAUDE: IS. Focused on raw organic shapes and textures coupled with fine materials, finishes and detailing, the new collection is composed of two lines: one is fine jewlery in 18K gold; the other, luxe scarves and wraps.

  • Ian Saude: Jewelry & Lifestyle

    As America begins to feel the full weight of the Great Recession, Ian hatches the crazy idea to open his first retail store! Designing the tiny space to fit his jewelry and accessories, he also begins to exhibit art and select pieces of artisan furniture and objects. This process leads him to a new appreciation for interior design and the space begins to garner local attention. Saude & Co. becomes Ian Saude Inc.

  • IS for Kaiser Gems

    In collaboration with the international gemstone company, Kaiser Gems, Ian designs a collection of award-winning fine jewlery pieces focused on luscious colored gemstones from Kaiser's extensive collection as well as creating a new series of unique, custom contemporary cuts with their expert stone cutters.

  • IS: Studio Gallery

    Beginning in 2013 Ian begins to be offered more commercial and residential interior design projects. Eventhough this is a departure from his background in product design, he decides to take the plunge. With the advent of the Hotel Cerro project in 2014, these jobs soon begin to outgrow his existing space. After 6 years in downtown SLO, in 2016 the Company decides to move their retail store and expand into to a much larger space — transforming a warehouse in the emerging SLO Design District. The new location is able to house: an artisan furniture, rug and lighting showroom, an art gallery, a full service interior design studio, plus a jewlery studio and storage — all in one location. The move enables the Company to work on larger and more diverse projects and to support more robust design team collaborations.


    In tandem with Sheryl Daane Chesnut and Edna Contemporary, Ian adds art development, sourcing and curation to it's menu of services for spacial design projects. In addition, working with other artists as well as his own in-house design team, Ian begins a unique collaboration with Sculptech, in order to assist art and design clients to realize more complex sculptural pieces on a larger scale.

  • Next chapter: A Southern Migration

    In the context of developing furniture and rugs for several projects over the subsequent two year period, Ian begins work on his own collection of designer furntiture and rugs. The project evolves. In concert with several friends — who are, themselves, experienced designers, artists or product engineers — Ian begins to creative direct a new collaborative furniture and interior arts project. Working with Kristina Ho from the PERFEC showroom, the new design CO-LAB will be located in the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, CA.