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IAN SAUDE STUDIO is a niche interior and product design firm, integrating design-development, sourcing, production and fulfillment services. Our goal is to assist design professionals as well as hoteliers, developers, contractors, businesses, and homeowners to realize environments and products that elevate our awareness and sense of appreciation, while enhancing our humanity and helping to fulfill our common potential. 


Most our lives are lived indoors. Therefore, inner space frames the majority of our day-to-day existence. For that reason, our interior environments should ideally be more than just functional or serviceable. They should support us by fostering a continued sense of inspiration and well being. They should also speak to our deeper aspirations — our hopes and dreams.

  • Ian Saude


At best, a well wrought interior both heightens our awareness and satisfies our senses — affirming our subconscious need for purpose and belonging. Towards this end, IAN SAUDE Studio offers various design, planning and project coordination services. We also do R&D and oversee the development of unique architectural, art and focal design elements for spaces, as well as providing fine art curation.

Because of our considerable experience in sourcing and product development, both international and domestic, we are uniquely positioned to coordinate creative and custom solutions for projects of any scale.

  • Ian Saude